“You can’t create experience. You undergo it.”

– Albert Camus


“Situated just outside the shadow of Sierra Blanca Peak, Rainmakers’ clubhouse provides an excellent place to relax at the end of a busy day.  We love having the ability to experience fine dining just minutes away from taking in a show at the world-class Spencer Theater.  The great staff is always accommodating whether we are setting up a date night away from the kids or a business dinner.  Hats off to Rainmakers!”
~Drs. Stephen and Keri Rath~

“I enjoy being a member at Rainmakers for many reasons.  When I treat a customer to a delicious lunch or dinner, they remark to me that they feel special.  A few more things I love are the quality of the food, the outstanding service, the golf course and the wondrous 360 degree views of the mountains and valleys!  Our beautiful clubhouse is immaculate.  I enjoy the relaxing, intimate atmosphere.  Personally, the staff makes me feel important and they truly care about me as an individual.  Someday, I would be very happy to live in this subdivision.”
~Susan Whisler-Frederickson, Associate Broker~

“Question: Is this place too good to be true?  Response: When this question came to our minds a couple of years ago about becoming members at Rainmakers, we decided to take it one step at a time.  Our first step was to become one-year Social members to “test the water”.  During that one year period, we quickly learned that our “initial” impression of Rainmakers was “underestimated.” We were NOT treated simply as members, but actually felt like we had been adopted into a family of people who were not only like-minded, but also like-spirited.  So, it was an easy decision to commit to a full membership as well as the purchase of a home in the Rainmakers community.  Thanks to the entire Rainmakers “FAMILY” for allowing us to feel a part of such a spirit-filled, family environment.”
~Enick & Suzanne Diffee~

“Hard to believe we moved into our beautiful Pueblo six years ago this May. For a long time we were the only full-time residents at Rainmakers and were annointed with the title of Mayor and First Lady.  We fully enjoy our lifestyle at Rainmakers, especially with the opening of the magnificent new Clubhouse.”
~Al and Debbie Ackerman~ 

“My wife and I keep a jeep at our Pueblo and one of our favorite treats is to go out late in the afternoon and just take in the scenery and all the wildlife. We are also avid snow skiers, as well as hikers, which makes our year-round usage that much better. I have golfed and skied in the same day with great conditions for both.”
~Gary Felker~

“Looking out from the Rainmakers eloquent dining room, I see breath-taking views of the surrounding golf course and mountains.  The golf course is always perfectly manicured and has a unique focus on shot placement which provides a well-rounded game of golf.  The food service staff and the golf professionals are always striving to make our visit to Rainmakers an unforgettable one.”
~Cheryl Henson~

“We cherish Christmases. Our whole family comes up every year—we include our neighbors in this category—and we eat, cook and drink for days. It’s cozy, warm, and beautiful with the snow-capped mountains and impossibly convenient fires in our kivas. In the summer, the views and the sunsets are spectacular. We look out of our ceiling-height windows to a living painting that is constantly changing.”
~Kristy Felker~